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How CrossFit Helps Your Endurance

By Seth | In news | on December 8, 2014

Cardio is the foundation of all training for long distance runners. What is cardio? Two main types of cardio that you usually hear us talking about: anaerobic and aerobic cardio. Which one is better? Anaerobic will translate into aerobic exercises better than the other way around. But both serves it’s purpose in exercise.

We focus on anaerobic at CrossFit because of the strength Gainz (meathead lingo). Expand your anaerobic cardio and it’ll overlap into your aerobic activities. Simply put, will running 5ks help you train for a CrossFit comp? Most likely not. But CrossRit wods will def help you in your 5k times. So don’t skip leg day and def don’t slack on our workouts because they will produce as long as you put in the effort.

In this article from Competitor.com – How Does CrossFit Endurance Help Train Runners? Brian MacKenzie and T.J. Murphy write about how CrossFit style exercises can benefit runners and increase overall strength as well.

Most long-distance training plans adopt the standard Lydiard-based training model, which has high mileage as its cornerstone—the more miles, the better. There’s no disputing that Lydiard developed a pathway for success, which he described in detail in his book, . But is the high-mileage model the only way to the top? Or the healthiest?

By the end of the study, the athletes using the HIIT method had obtained gains similar to those seen in a group of athletes who did only steady-state training, five times per week. While the steady-state group had a higher VO2 max at the end, the HIIT group had started lower and gained more overall. These findings suggest that had all the athletes started at the same level, the HIIT-oriented group would have ended up with higher VO2 max scores. Also, only the Tabata group had gained anaerobic capacity benefits—meaning they had added not just endurance but also strength.

Read more at Competitor.com

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