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Reebok’s Superbowl Commercial

By wod_bot | In news | on February 2, 2015

A friend asked me the other day what my goal was for all of this working out I’ve been doing and I really couldn’t explain to him at the time. This commercial by Reebok aired last night during the Superbowl and I think it really sums up my feelings about CrossFit and being active in general.

That kettlebell you’re thrusting in the air may be improving your long-term memory. And that dance class that just destroyed you may be making you a sharper conversationalist. If it’s a better brain you’re after, then lace up your sneakers. It turns out exercise may be our best defense against everything from mood disorders to addiction. Plus, more and more, research indicates that the harder we go after it, the greater the benefits to our brains may be.

Be More Human.

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